Two Places of Judgment

The judgment seat of Christ

But let’s take the notion of “place of contemplation.” Who, where, what is waiting for? There are two places of judgment. The first, described as the judgment seat of Christ. Because we all must appear before the judgment seat of Christ, i.e. an individual, personal piece of work will be shown to everyone. And here, when Paul speaks of fire, he speaks of work, not of souls.

That is why Paul says that I stand before God with anxiety and awe, so that I have not bothered in vain, so that when the day of Christ comes, my work may prove to have not burned. I will present a pure bride, without blemish and without wrinkles, to my bridegroom, the Lord Jesus. That work went through the fire, and that which is chaff shall burn, and that which is pure shall remain.

Thus, only pure souls remain. This is what the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ means. Even if one builds a prayer house, he may have built even four temples, whatever he did not do at the direction of God to save souls and if he did for his own glory, such work will be burnt. And when the work is burned, the Lord sees only saved souls, purified and freed of blemish.